Audiology Clinics

The ADLN ENT Audio Clinics have been held biannually for the past 23 years organized by Dr. Michael Resnick and Audiologist James O’Hara. Over these years, more than 46 Clinics have been held in which over 2,000 Los Cabos children have been seen and diagnosed by these wonderful ADLN Volunteers. Over 1,000 hearing aids have been given free of any charge to hearing impaired children from our community and ADLN is executing plans to expand this program. These Clinic have and in-kind volunteer medical value of $6,500 for each clinic and each hearing aid for free has a $200 Dl cost.

Many patients for the audio clinic have other medical problems or conditions, we are happy to collaborate and receive children from other NGOs such as Red Autismo and the Rehabilitation Center CRIT Teleton and the local Special Needs Schools of San Lucas and San Jose.

Taking part in a program where we are privileged to see a young child hear their parent’s voice clearly for the first time is among the most emotionally rewarding work we do, these ADLN Clinics are always surrounded by tissues for the grateful tears that occasionally escape even the professional’s eyes.

With the new Consulting Rooms, ADLN has an appropriate space to conduct audio testing and hearing aid fittings. We are exploring suppliers in Mexico for the supplies we need and seeking the involvement of local physicians to expand this rewarding program.

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