Corrective Eye Surgery Clinics

Amigos de Los Niños Corrective Eye Surgery Clinic was held in August with the financial aid of Cabo San Lucas Del Mar Rotary and the medical assistance and substantial discounts of Blue Net Hospital. The father and son team of medical specialist Dr. Fausto Lechuga Jr. and Dr. Fausto Lechuga Sr. performed surgeries over a two day period for 7 children with strabismus, a condition that makes learning, socializing and sometimes just walking difficult.

ADLN has held several of these Clinics over the past years and the children’s outcome is extremely rewarding, they begin to flourish in school as well as enjoying a more rewarding experience with new friends and relationships without the teasing and even bullying that they were exposed to because of their condition. We have a waiting list of children for the next ADLN Corrective Eye Surgery Clinic which will be scheduled for 2016.

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