How can you support the Amigos De Los Niños mission? There are multiple ways donors can support our different causes. To list a few sponsoring options:

Corporate or Personal  Donations

If you are a business or individual looking to donate to a worthwhile cause with structures in place to see where funds are going and receive community recognition we are a perfect match. With our transparent administration and clinic costs, you and your company can feel confident your donation is reaching the children of Los Cabos.

If you or your business would like to give back to the community and become an active participant in providing quality medical care for the children of Los Cabos, Amigos de Los Niños can offer several venues for your donation. So many children require our help, you would be so important to them!

 ADLN is a Donataria Authorized by SAT and offers Mexican Tax Deductible Receipts. Authorization: 325-SAT-03-(01)-00001803 08/07/2003.

We can also provide US Tax ID Letters to those who wish to make a US donation, our ‘Friends of Fund’ at the International Community Foundation is quick and easy to use.

Our bank information is;

 Banco Santander, 4581 Principal, Lazaro Cardenas y Zaragoza Interior Plaza Aramburo 4 y 5 Cabo San Lucas, BCS

Amigos de los Niños de Cabo San Lucas, A.C.

Account # 65502669135

Clabe: 0140 4165 5026 6913 56

Participate, Host or Promote Fundraising Events

Throughout the year, ADLN hosts several fundraising events which are an integral part of achieving the financial annual goals set by the Board of Directors.  These events are centered around both local residents and also visitors of the Los Cabos area.  To learn more about these events and our ongoing fundraising efforts follow us on Social Media.


Our new donor wall pays tribute to all those that make our mission possible. We have such a deep gratitude to all involved.



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