Cardiology Clinics

Dr. Richard McFaul and Dr. Alejandro Vaderrain have been helping children with congenital heart defects for over twenty years here in Los Cabos.

ADLN Free Pediatric Cardiology Clinics are held twice a year or as needed for and new child or one of our patients with problems. ADLN is continually networking with other foundations and organizations to be able to find medical help for our children, with the collaboration of Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, American Airlines, the Avera McKennen Hospital and the Omaha Children’s Hospital we were able to send 15 children to the US for corrective open heart surgeries and procedures. Because of this groundwork Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr. James Hammel and his team of medical specialist are now able to come biannually to La Paz to perform cardio surgeries at the Salvatierra Hospital.

ADLN and Doctors McFaul and Valderrain continue to see post-surgery patients, the oldest just turned 17.

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