What does Amigos de los Niños do?

We raise funds to cover all costs for quality medical care for two programs, ADLN ‘Special Case Children’ of the severely ill and disabled and ‘ADLN Free Clinics’ for the benefit of children in need of dental care, hearing aids, cardio checkups and referrals for everything from cancer screening, and corrective eye surgeries, even other medical specialties as needed.

How long has Amigos de los Niños been carrying out this Mission?

ADLN, founded in 1991, has continued uninterrupted care for the children of Los Cabos and Baja California Sur since then.

How many children and families does ADLN reach each year?

300 to 500 children and their families are cared for each year through ADLN services.  Throughout our history, from its founding in 1991 to date, over 10,000 children have received the benefits of medical attention and treatment at no cost to them. The families of these children have also benefitted from the social work of ADLN helping through difficult and tragic times.

What is ADLN’s annual budget to provide medical services?

Our budget is from $200,000 to $250,000 US Dollars annually; with this cash income Amigos de los Niños is able to produce approximately $400,000 US Dollars per year in pro bono medical services. We are able to double our budget through organizational capabilities and our long standing reputation as Los Cabos premier charity for children.

How much does ADLN spend on administration cost?

In our yearly audited accounting ADLN has consistently kept admin cost to under 15%. Our three person office staff provides the means to accomplish the success of ADLN Programs. Medical attention is at cost or pro bono and medicines and medical supplies are found at the best available market price.

What is the governing body of ADLN?

ADLN is governed by an Executive Director and a Board of Directors. ADLN’s programs are mandated by the needs of Los Cabo’s children who are always our most important objective.

How and what can I donate to Amigos de los Niños?

ADLN’s need is primarily for cash donations to cover our children’s medical cost. Some of our sickest children, children suffering from cancer or chronic disorders, need ADLNs support for their meds and medical testing; this requires the constant call for funds available to cover these costs. ADLN also is interested in good refurbished or new medical equipment for donation; please send us a letter of inquiry about in kind donations.

Does ADLN offer Tax Deductible Receipts for cash donations?

Yes, we offer Tax deductable receipts from the Mexican Secretariat of Tributary Contributions (SAT) or you may donate through Amigos de los Niños ‘Friends of Fund’ at the International Community Foundation, this may be done on line, by bank transfer or by check.

How can I volunteer medical service?

Please send a letter of inquiry to ADLN with a copy of current medical license, CV and previous experience in this type of Mission work.

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