How can you support the Amigos De Los Niños mission? 

There are multiple ways donors can support our different causes. To list a few sponsoring options:

Sponsoring a Specific Clinic or Special Cases

ADLN organizes and runs many different types of free clinics for local, needy children to participate in throughout the year. These clinics include auditory (hearing) , corrective eye surgeries , dental and cardiology (heart) examinations and treatments. We also have special children’s cancer patients that come to us for help. There are multiple ways to get involved with the worthy causes we treat. If you have a subject you are passionate about we are happy to pair your donation with a special case that is aligned.

Corporate or Personal  Donations

If you are a business or individual looking to donate to a worthwhile cause with structures in place to see where funds are going and receive community recognition we are a perfect match. With our transparent administration and clinic costs, you and your company can feel confident your donation is reaching the children of Los Cabos.

Participate, Host or Promote Fundraising Events

Throughout the year ADLN hosts several fundraising events which are an integral part to achieve the financial annual goals set by the Board of Directors.  These events are centered around both local residents and also visitors of the Los Cabos area.  To learn more about these events and our ongoing fundraising efforts follow us on Social Media.

We provide Tax Deductible receipts for online donations received, follow the link below to contribute to ADLN.

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